Once upon a time...

In 2009, Alexandre Koiransky, a Frenchman working for a Cognac house in the United States, decided to launch his own brand.
In keeping with his passion for high-quality, well-made products, he came up with the idea of a fair trade drinks brand. He launched FAIR vodka, made exclusively from fair trade quinoa. An immediate hit, he soon expanded the range by adding a rum and a gin.

A fortuitous encounter

After a chance remark to his distributor and friend, Didier Merland, that before distilling his vodka he makes a sort of fermented quinoa soup…a quinoa “beer” - they came up with the idea to produce and sell their very own quinoa beer!
This lama beer as they called it – in reference to the plateaux of the Peruvian Altiplano from where the quinoa was sourced – was born: they named it quite simply ALTIPLANO.
The first bottle left the brewery in 2011. Didier used his background in drinks distribution to activate his network and pique the interest of various wholesalers and hip Parisian bars.
In 2013, after several months of research upon the request of Didier, the brewer managed to remove all traces of gluten in ALTIPLANO, while preserving its quality and taste: a beer with a supple and delicate flavour.


Quinoa, which is not strictly a cereal, is currently all the rage, and with good reason: it is an antioxidant, rich in proteins and with a pleasant flavour. The search for responsible ingredients and processes lies at the heart of ALTIPLANO: it is an organic beer, made in France.
A beer to share and enjoy!

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